Raul Zurita

RAÚL ZURITA, winner of the National Literature Prize of Chile and the Pablo Neruda Prize, is one of the most widely acclaimed and innovative Latin American poets writing today.  His career began during the brutal Pinochet regime, when he suffered imprisonment and torture, and includes the audacious acts of having the phrase “Ni Pena Ni Miedo” (“Without Pain Or Fear”) bulldozed into the Atacama Desert in letters so huge they can only be read from the sky and having lines from his poems skywritten above New York City to bring international attention to the suffering of the minorities of the world.  Author of nearly 20 volumes, he is a Guggenheim fellow and is famous for his powerful readings.  Translations of his poetry into English include Song for His Disappeared Love/Canto a Su Amor Desaparecido (2010), Purgatory (2009), INRI (2009 and Anteparaíso (1986).

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