Ras Baraka

Ras (sounds like 'jazz') Baraka is a Newark, NJ native and  the son of revered poet-activists Amina and Amiri Baraka whose family has lived in Newark for over 70 years.
Ras studied at Howard University and was at the forefront of campus political and social activism.

Baraka independently released his debut spoken word CD entitled Shorty for Mayor in 1998. His single Hot Beverage in Winter featured Grammy award winning artist Lauryn Hill. The CD was received attention from publications worldwide. He has appeared on Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry on HBO. 



Sacred Circles Café: Made in New Jersey
Taalam Acey, Ras Baraka, Lamar Hill, Michael O'Hara, Narubi Selah, DJ IRS
Chase Room


Shuffle, Cramproll, Paradiddle and Stomp
Juan Felipe Herrera, Kurtis Lamkin, Rachel McKibbens and dancer Maurice Chestnut
Victoria Theatre