Arthur Sze

ARTHUR SZE’s poems, like those of the haiku masters he translated early in his career,  almost always offer us an immediate impression--a clear image, a question to ponder, an emotional resonance--on first reading.  But we also recognize there is much more to them.  In their juxtaposition of deftly rendered images, vivid sensual detail, and subtle shifts in tone and perspective, Sze’s poems invite us to return time and again to savor them.  Arthur Sze is the author of eight books of poetry, including The Ginkgo Light (2009), Quipu (2005), The Redshifting Web: Poems 1970-1998 (1998), and Archipelago (1995).  Other collections by Sze include River River (1987), Dazzled (1982), Two Ravens (1976; revised, 1984), and The Willow Wind (1972; revised, 1981).  He is also a celebrated translator from the Chinese, and released The Silk Dragon: Translations from the Chinese in 2001. 

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Conversation: A Music of Pause
Henri Cole, Gregory Orr, Arthur Sze
First Peddie Baptist Memorial Church

Reading and Conversation
Brian Barker, Rachel McKibbens, Arthur Sze
Victoria Theatre

Richard Blanco, Eavan Boland, Henri Cole, Sharon Dolin, Nikky Finney, Terrance Hayes, Juan Felipe Herrera, Jane Hirshfield, Fanny Howe, Kurtis Lamkin, Dorianne Laux, Ada Limón, Thomas Lux, Rachel McKibbens, Taylor Mali, Joseph Millar, Idra Novey, Gregory Orr, Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Patricia Smith, Arthur Sze, Larissa Szporluk, Natasha Trethewey, C.K. Williams, Raúl Zurita
Prudential Hall


Conversation: On the Life of the Poet
Nicky Beer,  Arthur Sze, C. K. Williams
North Star Academy Great Room

Festival Poet Readings
Emari DiGiorgio, Jane Hirshfield, Taylor Mali, Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Arthur Sze
Victoria Theatre

Conversation: Who Is It Can Tell Me Who I Am: Poetry and Identity
Eavan Boland, Nikky Finney, Juan Felipe Herrera, Arthur Sze
First Peddie Baptist Memorial Churh


Conversation: Tell All the Truth, But Tell it Slant
Ada Limón, Thomas Lux, Idra Novey, Arthur Sze
North Star Academy Gym

Conversation: American Poetries
Terrance Hayes, Rachel McKibbens, Arthur Sze, Larissa Szporluk
Victoria Theatre

Readings & Music
Ada Limón, Arthur Sze, Raúl Zurita
Prudential Hall



Conversation: Poetry and Presence
Henri Cole, Jane Hirshfield, Arthur Sze
Victoria Theatre

Festival Poet Readings
Nicky Beer, Idra Novey, Gregory Pardlo, Arthur Sze
CAE Auditorium