Heru Stewart, otherwise known as Ras Heru, is a Newark, NJ-born poet, artist, creative entrepreneur, and educator. With years of performance, hosting, and producing experience, Heru is a multi-dimensional presence and contribution to the region’s creative arts and literary realms.  

After self-publishing two chapbooks in 2016, in 2018 Ras Heru founded Rebel Ink Publishing, coinciding with the release of his first full volume collection of poems, The Book of Heru: A Poet’s Portrait. Since then, Rebel Ink has published 6 more works of literature, including his latest book, The Rubicon, in late 2020.  

Heru also executive produces "Rhythm & Words: Creative Writing," a 5-years running creative writing and performance fusion event.  

An elementary school ELA teacher and advocate, Heru actively aligns his creative ventures with initiatives and opportunities to create lasting impact with the same fervor and intention he allots to his work as an artist and entrepreneur.