Festival Submissions FAQ

Q 1: When is the next Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival?
A: The Dodge Poetry Festival will take place in October 2022, exact dates to be determined.

Q 2: When is the deadline to submit to read at the 2022 Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival?
A: October 15, 2021

Q 3: What materials do you require for my online submission to be reviewed?
A: See table below.

Audio or Video 

1-3 audio or video recordings, preferably before a live audience.

1-3 books/chapbooks (optional)

Please note: You do not have to have a published book to submit. If you have a digital copy of your book(s)/chapbook(s), please upload the digital version(s) directly in the online submission form. If you do not have access to digital book(s)/chapbook(s), you may mail them.

Work Sample

Approximately 20 pages of poetry in 12-point standard font (such as Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial) with approximately one-inch margins. Please select poems that you would most like to read in front of a live audience and that best represent your work.

Short responses

 We've included several questions to help us get a sense of the point of view or perspective that you would bring to the Festival, and the kinds of conversations and readings in which you would like to participate. Please note that we don’t host academic presentations and panels.

Relevant Experience

Tell us about experiences that have helped prepare you to participate in conversations and share your poetry at the Festival. 

Q 4: Where do I mail hard copy materials (books, chapbooks, CDs)?
A: Our preference is for all of your materials to be uploaded or linked in the online Submittable application. However, if you do not have digital files or links to your book/chapbook or audio/video, you may mail those materials to:

Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
Attn: Dodge Poetry Festival Submissions
14 Maple Avenue, Suite 400
Morristown, NJ 07960

Q 5: How many of my books should I upload or send?
A: 1-3 book/chapbook titles are acceptable. If you plan to mail any titles, please note them in the Submittable application form. When mailing books/chapbooks, please be sure to include in the package a document with your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address.

Q 6: I don’t have a published book.  Can I still submit?
A: Yes.  Please submit 20 pages of your best and most representative work. 

Q 7: What kinds of poets do you look for?
A: We suggest you review bios of Festival Poets invited in previous years: https://www.dodgepoetry.org/about-us/festival-background/

Q 9: I don’t have an audio or video recording of my readings. What should I do?
A: Because we are curating a live event, this supporting material is very important. Our preference is for a recording of you reading in front of an audience, but we will accept any video or audio recording you are able to send of yourself reading your work that represents your reading style and presence. Please don’t over extend yourself, financially or otherwise, to produce something just for us.

Q 10: How long should the audio or video recording of my reading be?
A: We do not have a time limit, but between 5 and 30 minute samples are ideal.  Please provide 1-3 recordings and indicate start and stop times of your readings.

Q 11: What kind of technical audio or video quality is expected?
A: We understand recordings vary in technical quality and are not requesting or expecting broadcast quality, professional recordings.  Please select from what you have or what you’re able to easily record.  We prefer live recordings before an audience. 

Q 12: What should I not include as supporting materials?
A: Do not send press packages; press clippings; book reviews; and proposals for workshops, panel talks, seminars, group readings, or presentations.

Q 13: I submitted my online form by the deadline but my supporting materials are postmarked after October 15, 2021.  Will you still review my submission?
A: Out of fairness to others submitting, the review panel cannot consider your submission for the 2022 Festival if any part of your submission is incomplete by the deadline. 

Q 14: Will Dodge return my hard copy materials (i.e. book, CD)?
A: No. Please only send us materials you do not need returned.

Q 15: How do I know my submission has been received?
A: After you have completed the Submittable application, you will be sent an e-mail confirmation that your application was received. If you still need to mail in materials, you will be sent another confirmation e-mail once the mailing has been received. If you have not received a confirmation e-mail within two weeks of submitting materials, please e-mail us at submissions(at)grdodge(dot)org.

Q 16: When should I expect a response from Dodge about my submission?
A: You will receive an email from us confirming receipt of materials after you submit.  After this initial confirmation email, you may not hear from us until July 31, 2022, when we will send final regrets to those we have not been able to invite for that year. Poets we plan to invite to either the Festival or other Dodge Poetry programming will likely hear from us before then.

Q 17: Is it possible to receive feedback on my submission?
A: A great deal of time is invested in ensuring that every submission is carefully reviewed. As a result, there simply is no time to offer feedback. Please respect our process by not calling or writing requesting such feedback or asking for updates on your submission.

Q 18: Is there a fee to submit?
A: No, there is no fee.

Q 19: I have additional questions that aren’t answered here.  How can I reach the Dodge Poetry Program staff?
A: You can email us at submissions(at)grdodge(dot)org.