New Festival Videos

We’ve got over 30 new short films from the 2014 Festival to share with you.  We will be posting a new one every Friday, and adding them to the 64 from earlier Festivals already posted on our YouTube channel. You’ll be able to find them there, a link archive of all new posted videos here, and of course through our FacebookTwitter or Tumblr.

These poems are here for you. Enjoy them. Revisit them. Unlike a live reading, you can pause and replay these poems as often as you like.

If you are a teacher and want to share these with your students, we have some suggestions on how to work with these videos in your classrooms here.

And poems are great for sharing - please share on social media using the hashtag #dodgepoetry

Stay Tuned. We’ve got a lot to show you.

New Videos

Poet Poems Link
Anis Mojgani "Come Closer" and "Poem for the Love of My Life and How She Makes Me Feel" YouTube
Patrick Rosal "Typhoon Poem" and "Despedida Ardiente" YouTube
Sharon Olds "Sheffield Mountain Ode" and "Ode to my Whiteness"  YouTube
Natalie Diaz "Why I Hate Raisins" YouTube
Mark Doty "Apparition (Favorite Poem)" and "Esta Noche" YouTube
Camille T. Dungy "Frequently Asked Questions: No. 5" and "Characteristics of Life" YouTube
Kevin Young "Ode to Chicken," "Bereavement" and "Rapture" YouTube
Jan Beatty “A Waitress’ Instructions on Tipping or Get the Cash Up and Don’t Waste My Time” and “The Zen of Tipping.” YouTube
Brian Turner "Horses" and "Call It Leaves and Rain" YouTube
Rachel Wiley "Conversations with my Father in a Dunk Tank" and "Gorgon" YouTube
Alberto Ríos "Refugio's Hair" and "Perfect for Any Occasion" YouTube
Eavan Boland "The Lost Art of Letter Writing" YouTube
C. Dale Young "The Bridge" and "Torn" YouTube
Shara McCallum "Psalm for Kingston" YouTube
Tracy K. Smith "The Universe as Primal Scream" and "In Brazil" YouTube
Alex Lemon "Other Good" and "Boundless" YouTube
Rachel McKibbens "But Wait, it Gets Worse:" "Torch" and "Where, After the Child’s Funeral the Poet Winds Up Stuck with God in an Elevator Again" YouTube
James Richardson "Essay on Wood," "One of the Evenings" and "Northwest Passage" YouTube
Marie Howe "Part of Eve's Discussion" and "The Moment" YouTube
Benjamin Alire Saenz "The Picking Season" YouTube
Sophie Cabot Black "Already Broken," "Somewhere in New Jersey is the Center" and "Love Poem" YouTube 
Sean Thomas Dougherty "Song For My Father" YouTube
Rita Dove "Canary," "Teach Us to Number Our Days," "Cholera" and "The Spring Cricket Considers the Question of Negritude" YouTube
Gary Snyder "Mu Chi’s Persimmons," "Why California Will Never Be Like Tuscany," "Chiura Obata’s Moon," and "A Letter to M.A. Who Lives Far Away" YouTube
Brendan Constantine "Dementia, My Darling" YouTube
Dave Caserio "Forensic Love" YouTube
Richard Blanco "América" and "Mother Picking Produce." YouTube
David Daniel "Ornaments" YouTube
Aja Monet "Tardiness" and "The Emerging Woman After Aborting a Girl." YouTube
Robert Pinsky "Rhyme" and "Samarai Song." YouTube
Saeed Jones "The Blue Dress in Mother’s Closet" and "Boy in a Whalebone Corset." YouTube