PoetPoems recited 
Chris Abani "A Letter to Robert Pinsky," "Patterns," "Revenant 4," and "Changing Times" View
Chris Abani "Geography Lesson" "The New Religion" and "Histories, #1" View
Ekiwah Adler Belendez "Topography," "Haiku," and "Coyote's Trace" View
Taha Muhammad Ali Reading in Arabic and English, "Revenge" View
Taha Muhammad Ali In English and Arabic, "Revenge", with Peter Cole View
Simon Armitage "The Shout" and "The Christening" View
Coleman Barks "Luke and the Duct Tape" View
Coleman Barks "The Tuesday Before Thanksgiving" View
Coleman Barks "I See My Beauty In You" View
Coral Bracho "En la entrana del tiempo (In Time's Core)," and "Dame, tierra, tu noche (Give Me, Earth, Your Night)" View
Coral Bracho "Agua de bordes lúbricos" ("Water's Lumbricious Edges") View
Marilyn Chin "The Floral Apron" View
Lucille Clifton "report from the angel of eden," and "sorrow song" View
Lucille Clifton "What Haunts Him" and "Sorrows" View
Lucille Clifton "aunt jemima" and "afterblues" View
Lucille Clifton "won't you celebrate with me" View
PeterCole "Something More", "(Valent) Lines of A", and "Meeting at an Airport" View
Peter Cole "The Place Itself, or I Hope You Can't Digest It." and "Coexistence: A Lost and Almost Found Poem" View
Billy Collins "January In Paris", "Forgetfulness" and "Ballistics" View
Billy Collins "Greek and Roman Statuary" "The First Night" and "High" View
Billy Collins "On the Death of a Next Door Neighbor" and "What Love Does" View
Billy Collins "The Lanyard" View
Kwame Dawes "Tornado Child" View
Toi Dericotte "Invisible Dreams" View
Toi Dericotte "Blackbottom" View
Matthew Dickman "Slow Dance" View
Mark Doty "To Joan Mitchell" View
Mark Doty "Messiah (Christmas Portions)" View
Mark Doty "The House of Beauty" View
Rita Dove "American Smooth" View
Martin Espada "Mariano Explains Yanqui Colonialism to Judge Collings," and "Alabanza: In Praise of Local 100" View
Martin Espada "Imagine the Angels of Bread" View
Forrest Gander "Prologue to The Canterbury Tales (The Pardoner's Portrait)," "Ligature 4," and "Anniversary" View
Jorie Graham "Studies in Secrecy" View
Linda Gregg "The Wait" and "Alone with the Goddess" View
Joy Harjo "We Were There When Jazz Was Invented, or Letter to Lawson" View
Joy Harjo "No" and "No Huli" View
Robert Hass "Impromptu Poem," "Envy of Other People's Poems," and "Consciousness" View
Robert Hass "I Am Your Waiter Tonight, and My Name Is Dimitri" View
Robert Hass Selected Haiku by Issa View
Bob Hicok "Calling him back from layoff" View
Brenda Hillman "Sediments of Santa Monica", "Cheap Gas" and "Old Ice" View
Brenda Hillman "Partita for Sparrows" and "Air in the Epic" View
Edward Hirsch "Self-Portrait," "Cotton Candy," and "Special Orders" View
Edward Hirsch "A Partial History of My Stupidity" and " The Widening Sky" View
Edward Hirsch "A Partial History of My Stupidity" View
Jane Hirshfield "Da Capo," "Yield and Abandon," "The Bearded Woman," and "When Your Life Looks Back" View
Jane Hirshfield "Vinegar and Oil" "Vilnius" "A Cedary Fragrance" "A Day Is Vast" and "The Bell Zygmunt" View
Jane Hirshfield "For What Binds Us" View
Tony Hoagland "Romantic Moment" View
Linda Hogan "The History of Red" and "Other Sister Twin" View
Galway Kinnell "After Making Love We Hear Footsteps" View
Galway Kinnell "After Making Love We Hear Footsteps" View
Yusef Komunyakaa "Facing It" View
Ted Kooser "The Beaded Purse" View
Ted Kooser "Pearl" View
Ted Kooser "Daddy Long Legs" View
Maxine Kumin "Seven Caveats in May," "The Apparition," and "The Sunday Phone Call" View
Maxine Kumin "After Love", "Summer Meditation" and "The Final Poem" View
Maxine Kumin "After Love" View
Stanley Kunitz "Touch Me" View
Stanley Kunitz "Touch Me" View
Kurtis Lamkin "Condoleeza" and "The Kwelia Birds" View
Kurtis Lamkin "jump mama" View
Dorianne Laux "Dust" View
W.S. Merwin "Yesterday" View
Joseph Millar "American Wedding" View
Andrew Motion "A-1 Mechanics" and "The Mower" View
Taslima Nasreen "You Go Girl" and "A Letter to my Mother" View
Sharon Olds "Poem for the Breasts," and "Ode to the Hymen" View
Sharon Olds "Ode to a Composting Toilet" and "Ode to the Tampon" View
Sharon Olds "The Clasp" View
Linda Pastan "The Five Stages of Grief," and "Why Are Your Poems So Dark?" View
Linda Pastan "Because" and "An Early Afterlife" View
Linda Pastan "Notes from the Delivery Room", "A Short History of Judaic Thought in the 20th Century" and "Something About the Trees" View
Linda Pastan "Why Are Your Poems So Dark?" View
Adrienne Rich "What Kind of Times Are These" View
Robin Robertson "Ghost of a Garden", "Artichoke", "Wedding the Locksmith's Daughter" and "Donegal" View
Kay Ryan "Turtle" View
Naomi Shihab Nye "Please Describe How You Became a Writer" "Fresh" "During a War" and "Truth Serum" View
Naomi Shihab Nye "Letters My Prez Is Not Sending" and "Ted Kooser Is My President" View
Naomi Shihab Nye "Arabic Coffee" View
Naomi Shihab Nye "One Boy Told Me" View
Charles Simic "Encyclopedia of Horror," "Labor and Capital," and "That Little Something" View
Charles Simic "Ghosts" "County Fair" and "Sunday Papers" View
Patricia Smith "34" View
Gerald Stern "The Dancing", "Dream Three" and "The Asphodel" View
Gerald Stern "Lillies" and "She Was a Dove" View
Gerald Stern "The Dancing" View
Sekou Sundiata "New American Theatre" View
Brian Turner "Caravan" and "Eulogy" View
Ko Un Reading in Korean and English, "A Cenotaph," "Rowing with just one oar," "Baby in a womb" and "On the way down" View
Anne Waldman "Notes on Sitting Beside a Noble Corpse - Light Breeze Stirring the Curtains, Blue - Faint Tremor of his Blue Shroud" and "Neuro Linguistically: This is the Writing Dance" View
Franz Wright "The Kiss," "Trying to Remember the Poem by Robert Dano," Cruz," "To," "Untitled," and "What Love Says To Me" View
C.D. Wright "Like a Prisoner of Soft Words" "Like the Ghost of a Carrier Pigeon" and "Petition for Replenishment" View
Franz Wright "Another Working Dawn" "Wheeling Motel" "Night Flight Turbulence" "Day One" and "Baudelaire" View
C.D. Wright "Lake Echo, Dear" and "Like Something Christenberry Pictured" View
C.D. Wright "Lake Echo, Dear" View
Kevin Young "Aunties," "Flash Flood Blues," "Ode to Pork," and "Ode to Boudin" View
Kevin Young "Aunties" View
Daisy Zamora "Mother's Day" View
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