The Celebration in Photos

Photo Credits: Meghan Jambor


The Celebration in Poems


On Saturday, May 13th, teachers from all over the state came together for a day of poetry at Princeton Day School. Participants took part in writing activities, conversations about poetry and a reading by featured poet Sapphire. 

Another aspect of the day is "Giving Voice," a reading of poems from a carefully curated packet of poems for teachers. Participants are given the packet the morning of the Celebration, and have a short amount of time to spontaneously pick a poem that they would like to read aloud to a small group. It's a fun activity, and many teachers find new poems that they connect with.

We'd like to share the final list of poems from this year's Celebration. We hope that you enjoy them! We have linked to those that are readily available online, but hope you will seek the others out too.


Everything is Waiting for You by David Whyte

Like Any Good American by Brynn Saito

Habit by Hazel Hall

if 100, then 150 (excerpt) by Chiwan Choi

Lullaby for 17 by Linda Pastan

[All my friends are in love and it is] by Morgan Parker

Splendor Hour by Kim Addonizio

Genesis by Billy Collins

Ancient Signs (excerpt)  by Edward Hirsch
In Memory of Oscar Ginsburg, 1894-1958

Civilization Spurns the Leopard by Solmaz Sharif

Pruning in Frost by Alice Oswald

My Father at Ninety-Four by David Young

Theft of Morning by W.S. Merwin

And Then It Was Less Bleak Because We Said So by Wendy Xu

Verge by Mark Doty

Adolescence by Kevin Young

Ambulance by Terrance Hayes

Incendiary Art by Patricia Smith

The Young Poets of Winnipeg by Naomi Shihab Nye

still life with my mother’s hijab by Safia Elhillo

Chopping Garlic by David Young

Falling from the Sky by Yehoshua November

My Father Used to Stay Up Nights by Dave Caserio

Ghostology by Rebecca Lindenberg

Lost Daughter by Stanley Moss

Before by Ada Limón

Tablet VIII (excerpt) by Armand Schwerner

Hulk Smash! by Greg Santos

Pomegranate by Kevin Pilkington

Palindrome by Nate Marshall

Vaporative (excerpt) by Layli Long Soldier