Spring & Fountain Online: bringing mindfulness, creativity and (of course) poetry into your daily life.

In the traditional Spring & Fountain program, teachers throughout New Jersey meet once a week for 3 to 6 weeks. Guided by an experienced Dodge Poet, the members of the group read poems aloud to each other, practice listening, and engage in discussion about the poems.

Spring & Fountain Online brings this program, in a brand new format, to teachers nationwide. For one week, from April 24-April 30, participants will receive a daily e-mail to help them incorporate poetry into their lives. Over the course of the week, these e-mails will include:

  • A “Giving Voice” packet of 20+ poems
  • Suggestions for daily activities (including reading poetry silently and aloud, practicing meditation techniques, and journaling prompts)
  • Videos of poetry readings from the Dodge Poetry Festival archive

Teachers of any grade level who teach at an accredited institution may register for Spring & Fountain Online for free.


Check this page in spring of 2018 to sign up for Spring & Fountain Online.


Photo by Jeff Kubina