High School Student Day


The heart of the Dodge Poetry Festival, High School Student Day introduces thousands of teenagers to poets from widely diverse backgrounds, offering them the opportunity to see the world from perspectives entirely unlike their own.  The poets on High School Student Day are extraordinary—not only in their talent as writers, but in their ability to communicate and connect with students.  The atmosphere of the day is one of mutual respect and generosity. High School Student Day also meets Common Core State Standards

High School Student Day offers a variety of simultaneous events, including readings, sessions, storytelling, musicians and discussions with over 50 poets, from our most celebrated to some of the most promising and engaging younger poets.


Elizabeth Alexander Robert Hass Sam Sax
Fatimah Asghar Juan Felipe Herrera  Tim Seibles
C. Bain Brenda Hillman Vijay Seshadri
Robin Becker Jane Hirshfield Safiya Sinclair
Bryan Borland Honorée Fanonne Jeffers Aaron Smith
Nickole Brown Rickey Laurentiis Gary Snyder
Mahogany L. Browne Li-Young Lee Arthur Sze
Christian Campbell Stephanie Lenox Vincent Toro
Marilyn Chin Robin Coste Lewis R.A. Villanueva
Billy Collins Khaled Mattawa Anne Waldman
Mark Doty Marty McConnell  
Nicole Terez Dutton Yesenia Montilla  
Martín Espada Tanya Olson  
Jonterri Gadson Alicia Ostriker  
Celeste Gainey Emilia Phillips  
Roberto Carlos Garcia Katha Pollitt  
Linda Gregerson Claudia Rankine  
Laurie Ann Guerrero Alberto Ríos  
Ellen Hagan Kay Ryan  
*List subject to change.
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"The Festival has helped me to convey that poetry is a living, active art, not a relic from the past."

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